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April 13, 2016

EMG Radio #45: Exclusively Exclusive

EMG Radio world premiere exclusives abound! Onslaught Six and The Warhorse both drop exclusive new tracks on us as well as a full roster of brand new and recent offerings from new and returning artists. Featuring music from Atticus Y Sus Amigos, Glass, Shadows of Life, The Warhorse, Neon Shudder, Reapers, Onslaught Six, and Melankolia. Enjoy!

[Contains strong language!]


--------(Show Notes)--------

Host: Randal Silvey (@RandalSilvey on Twitter)

MUSIC FEATURED (artist links below)

  • Atticus Y Sus Amigos - Saca La Bici!
  • Glass - She Will Soar 
  • Shadows of Life - Out of Blue Comes Green 
  • The Warhorse - Lollapalo$er 
  • Neon Shudder feat. Reapers - Not To Be Fucked With 
  • Onslaught Six - Down In Flames
  • Reapers - Stardroids 
  • Melankolia - Ambrosia (Through the Field of Dreams)

All music featured on this podcast is property of it's respective owner/owners and is subject to applicable copyright and/or licensing and appears on EMG Radio with permission from the owner/owners.