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Welcome to the EMG Radio Downloads section.  Here you will find a miscellany of free digital goodness for your ears and eyes.  These bonus bonanza items are of coarse in addition to the hours and hours of free podcast episodes found over in the EMG Radio Archives as well as links to uncountable music listening pleasures found on our Member Albums and EMG Releases pages.  Enjoy!


EMG Super Grunge Wallpaper - Check out this super grungy EMG themed wallpaper! Available for every commonly and not-so-commonly used screen resolution and aspect ratio out there.


Glass Interview Exclusive: "Introvert B-Sides and Demos" - Back in October of 2012 Michael Bradley dropped some exclusive B-Sides and demos on us during EMG Radio Episode 14 as a gift to our listeners.  If these are B-Sides we can't wait to hear what he has in store for us on the upcoming album 'Introvert'!

EMG 1.0 - Our first EMG compilation album!  Features 14 fresh, independent artists from all around the world. From industrial and rock to trip-hop and ambient, its a wonderful showcase of the variety of musicians that have come together in the Electronic Musicians Group.

EMG Presents The Last Halloween - Our free Halloween compilation album featuring 17 amazingly talented, international EMG artists.  With this album we set out to create a diverse blend of creepy atmospheric music fitting of the haunting season as well as high energy tracks that will set a Halloween party on fire. This is more than just a cheesy Halloween or sound FX album though, this has substance and quality that will never fade with the Fall leaves or changing seasons.

EMG Presents EOTW - We set out to make a doomsday album in the truest sense. 24 hours before the supposed "apocalypse" we challenged ourselves to create an entire album from scratch as if those 24 short hours were all we had. To test ourselves further many of these songs were created with a time limit of ONE HOUR! This is that album, from nonexistence to completion and release in 24 hours. An experiment that succeeded beyond our wildest imaginations.