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About EMG

The Electronic Musicians Group (EMG) is a network of like-minded digital-based musicians that began as a private Facebook Group, founded in 2011. EMG presently has more than 70 members who work individually and collectively together to promote their participants' work and share in the musical creation experience.

About EMG Radio

EMG Radio is a weekly podcast showcasing the music of EMG members, hosted by EMG members.  EMG Radio cuts out the middle man to expose listeners to new music directly from the music creators themselves.  The podcast provides insight into the creative process that goes into the music with interviews and spotlight episodes on featured artists as well as entertainingly unfiltered banter between the hosts.  Working directly with the fresh, independent artists of EMG provides EMG Radio the ability to bring listeners exclusive and unreleased tracks by artists before they can be found anywhere else as well as up-to-the-minute information on upcoming releases, shows, and other news.