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February 9, 2016

EMG Radio #42: Waves of Synth

EMG Radio rides high on the waves of synth music this episode! We reached out to the synthwave community and they offered up a fantastic and varied selection of retro-inspired music. You'll also hear Ezra Yates mastermind Drazen Rodriguez's new project and a darkly emotional track from Shadows of Life. Featuring music from GalactiCop, Nitelight, Dimi Kaye, Damokles, The Warhorse, sevenblankspirals, and Shadows of Life. Enjoy!

[Contains strong language!]


--------(Show Notes)--------

Host: Randal Silvey (@RandalSilvey on Twitter)

Music featured (artist links below):
  • GalactiCop - Future Badass 
  • Nitelight - Blue Moon 
  • Dimi Kaye - Everything Works In The End 
  • Damokles - Ozone Surfing 
  • The Warhorse - Do Work (feat. Pigeon John & Chris Henry) 
  • sevenblankspirals - Whisperer of Dementia 
  • Shadows of Life - La Muerta Liberal 

All music featured on this podcast is property of it's respective owner/owners and is subject to applicable copyright and/or licensing and appears on EMG Radio with permission from the owner/owners.