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April 9, 2015

EMG Radio #39: Party of 2.0

Another EMG compilation album, another EMG Radio live listening party! To celebrate the release of Electronic Musicians Group's 8th compilation album 'EMG 2.0' we were joined live on YouTube by a whole gang of guests. In traditional fashion, the conversation is loose and wild as we discuss everything from the album itself to things that have nothing to do with the album... like Doctor Who, the UK vs. the US, and more. Enjoy!

[Contains strong language!]


--------(Show Notes)--------

Host: Randal Silvey (@RandalSilvey on Twitter)

Guests and Guest Links:

Micheal Bradley (Glass)

Onslaught Six (Reapers)
Jesse Keifer (Tank Monkey webcomic, Grawlix Podcast)

Music featured from the free compilation album 'EMG 2.0':

All music featured on this podcast is property of it's respective owner/owners and is subject to applicable copyright and/or licensing and appears on EMG Radio with permission from the owner/owners.