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December 22, 2012

END OF THE WORLD! New EMG Compilation Album

In celebration of December 21st, 2012 and the Mayan calender's prophetic non-event the Electronic Musicians Group dropped a brand new compilation album on the world.  EMG Presents EOTW is a free 15 track album with a twist.  Its an ode to doomsday and was created in appropriate doomsday fashion...with only 24 hours to complete it!

About 24 hours before the end of the Mayan calender (and what many joked and some believed to coincide with the end of humanity) the idea was presented to the group by autonami.  So we challenged ourselves to create an entire album from scratch as if those 24 short hours were all we had.  To test ourselves further many of these songs were created with a time limit of ONE HOUR!  From nonexistence to completion to release in 24 hours.  An experiment that not only succeeded but we is one of our best collective works to date.  Luckily the world did not end and you have that much more time before the next apocalypse, whatever it may be, to listen to EMG Presents EOTW.  Also notable is it features many long time EMG members as well as several brand new members.  Enjoy!