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November 11, 2012

EMG Radio #16: Throat Dragon Sex Triangle

This week on EMG Radio its an all out sausage-fest in this free-for-all, overdue, election day episode. Joining the regular hosts is a myriad of special guests including Joe of Space Disc Jockey, Daniel of Thaumiel Sonozaki and Dracan Ceolan, Drazen of Ezra Yates and Dracan Ceolan, and Bryan Atticus of A Drowning Angel.  As usual, things get weird as the conversation roams a gamut of topics including the presidential elections, Mitt Romney's spy drone, jazz in the pants, road sex, and throat dragons.  The music isn't forgotten though as we check in on the guests' current projects and spin some wicked good tracks.  Enjoy!

[Contains strong language and lurid content!  NSFW]

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--------(Show Notes)--------
Hosts:  Steve G, Louis K, and Randal S.
Guests:  Joe W, Daniel M, Drazen R, and Bryan A.

Music Featured:

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