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October 22, 2012

EMG Radio Season 1 Finale?

You've read the title correctly, we've decided to take a bit of a break here at EMG Radio.  Taking a queue from television we will be treating this brief 'vacation' like a break in seasons.  Fear not though, there are still two more episodes to go before we call it wraps on what has been an amazing and fun 16 weeks.  Just 4 months ago we started this podcast project and have amassed many hours of content (20.5 hours as of episode 14) including numerous insightful interviews, fantastic music, and a lot of enjoyable nonsense.

How long will this hiatus last?  We will return renewed with a "Season 2" by the new year guaranteed.  So it could be up to two months, perhaps just one month, or maybe we will get bored and be back soon with a few irregular episodes...  time will tell.

Why?  Putting together this weekly show is a joy and feels like a privilege but it is also very time consuming.  We hosts each have multiple music projects that have been feeling a bit neglected as well as other projects both EMG-related and non-EMG-related that we would like to take some time to work on during this break.  Some of these projects include the solo debut albums of Subliminal Hit, CTRL_ALT_DSTRY, and Dee Seized, work on the 2nd Three Blind Minds release, and with some luck a video project or two including some fresh content for the EMG YouTube channel.  This will be an excellent time for us to catch up not only on these projects but allow the EMG group as a whole to reload the musical weapons cache.  Of coarse there is a wealth of music that EMG Radio hasn't even touched but think of how much more new material can be offered up in just 2 months time.  These EMG artists are amazing, hard working musicians.

So, what's in store for 'Season 2'?  The concept of taking season breaks is exciting to us!  It will give us a chance to step back and take stock of what we've done thus far and what we'd like to do.  We will come back reinvigorated with more interviews which we adore doing.  The interviews give both the listeners and the other EMG members themselves a wonderful insight into these artists.  We've enjoyed getting to know the members and there are many more members on the interview list as well as members that we would love to get back for another round of questions.

We will also explore a NEW style of episode focused around more conversational discussions among EMG members(and perhaps special guests) in both one-on-one form and in groups.  In fact a very informal version take on this method will be highlighted in this week's episode with a conversation with Michael Bradley of Glass that took place after his interview for episode 14.  Be sure to check that out.

The live shows will also return and we intend to work out the technical kinks during this break.  The 'regular' radio style episodes will remain with all that ridiculous and often raunchy banter between the regular hosts.  In addition, we will be regularly bringing in guest hosts to join us on the radio shows and even totally handing the reigns over to them once in a while for some new flavor of show.

We will miss intruding your eardrums on a weekly basis for the next month or so but am very excited at this chance to reevaluate and come stomping back with fresh paint and fiery vigor.  Again, there are still two more episodes to go this season including the conversation with Michael Bradley this week and a special Halloween episode to go up on, of coarse, Halloween.  And if you miss us you can always come back here and listen to past episodes anytime.  We will be organizing online "hang-outs" during this in-between time to get together and chat while we live stream some of our and your favorite past episodes too so that should be great fun!  We will post any info on those as they become organized.

Thank you for listening.  Now go make some fucking music!