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September 19, 2012

Featured Artist: Ezra Yates

Ezra Yates

Ezra Yates is a Puerto Rico based musical artist driven by the need to release inner emotion in the form of music. The sound of Ezra Yates is impressively diverse and constantly evolving.  Ranging from epic ambient and drone soundscapes evoking both beautiful and disturbing imagery to melodic thematic scores striking an emotional core, even touching upon elements of his folk music and death metal inspirations.  

The albums of Ezra Yates can take the listener on an engaging and emotional journey to vast worlds throughout the universe or deep within one's self.  Ezra Yates is a truly unique musical experience powerhouse with a large catalog of varied albums, each contemplative, experimental, and immersive.

The mastermind behind Ezra Yates, Drazen Rodriguez, was kind enough to allow us to interview him in the first ever EMG Radio interview episode.  Check out the July 24th interview with Drazen here:  EMG Radio Episode 2: The Ezra Yates Takeover

Check out the impressive list of Ezra Yates releases here for tons of amazing music:  Ezra Yates on Bandcamp.com

Here is a taste of his most recent release entitled Ouroboros: