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March 22, 2014

EMG Radio #28: Live and Awkward

On this episode of EMG Radio we are joined again by Daniel Maldonado for a chat heavy live episode.  Originally streamed live via Google Hangouts On Air and YouTube on March 19, 2014, we present the remastered and slightly less awkward podcast edit here for your listening pleasure.

We talk about the evolution of Daniel's many musical endeavors, his experiences with pirates, and backyard live shows.  It's not all shop talk as the conversation occasionally veers off the usual path to include internet design trends, King of the Hill, and regional natural disasters.  Enjoy!

[Contains strong language!  NSFW]


--------(Show Notes)--------

Host: Randal Silvey (@RandalSilvey on Twitter)
Guest: Daniel Maldonado

Music Featured:
EMG Radio Theme by autonami, remix by CTRL_ALT_DSTRY.

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