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April 25, 2013

EMG Radio #18: Dickey Half-Hard

This month on EMG Radio we are joined by the elusive Josh L. of Dickey Rockhard.  In this "half-cocked" show we salvage what was left from a software malfunction and discuss what exactly we think 'techno' is, the science behind the vinyl vs. digital debate, and Josh's unique take on the music making process.  Enjoy!

[Contains strong language and lurid content!  NSFW]

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--------(Show Notes)--------
Host: Randal Silvey
Guest: Josh L. - Find the music of Dickey Rockhard on SoundCloud.

Music Featured:
EMG Radio Theme Song - Original Song by autonami, Remix and Additional Production by CTRL_ALT_DSTRY.

All music featured on this podcast is property of it's respective owner/owners and is subject to applicable copyright and/or licensing. Music appears on EMG Radio with permission from the owner/owners.


  1. i said fuck it before the mics kicked on

  2. This episode gets the most hits of any BY FAR! Thousands more hits than the others. Whatever they are searching for that turns up "Dickey Half-Hard", this must be a disappointment for them. lol