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October 16, 2012

EMG Radio #13: Internal Birthing

This week on EMG Radio we catch up on last week's EMG Radio Live show.

We celebrated the at-the-time pending release of EMG Presents The Last Halloween which has since dropped.  We spun 16 of the 17 tracks from the new compilation album and did as we do best...a constant spewing of random late-night insanity.

It's a 3 hour long endurance test of your personal moral and psychological stability as we reminisce about our favorite and least favorite Halloween costumes of bygone days, discuss the new compilation album, harass listeners in the live chat room during the show, and pervert all our favorite childhood television shows in the most tasteless of ways.

The live broadcast was cursed with multiple technical difficulties, most of which have been edited and smoothed over in this podcast friendly version of the show.  However we have left the content otherwise intact including a few strange audio phenomena and our constant one-sided sounding discussions with chat room listeners.  This is by far our longest and most offensive show thus far so if you are easily offended LISTENER BEWARE!  Enjoy!

[Contains strong language and lurid content!  NSFW]


--------(Show Notes)--------
Hosted by Steve G, Louis K, and Randal S.

Music Featured:
EMG Presents The Last Halloween

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