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September 12, 2012

EMG Radio #9: The Dungeon Box

This week on EMG Radio we're swinging high on a caffeine induced mania!  The topics are wide in range and wild in scope as the boys tackle everything from the passing of Jerry Nelson, the Count from Sesame Street, to Lou and Steve's new house.  The music isn't forgotten though, we stack a strong playlist kicking off with some filthy dubstep and running through to some "yoga of the mind".  The EMG 1.0 listening party episode and a naming of the upcoming EMG Halloween album is also discussed in between bouts of manic screaming, vile toilet humor, and accosting of the listeners.  As usuaul this episode contains strong language [NSFW]...  ENJOY!

--------Show Notes--------

Hosted by: Stephen G., Louie K., and Randal S.

Music Featured:
Selected Topics Talked About:
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