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August 28, 2012

Update - Artists' Albums Page

We've got some more EMG goodness for you!  The "Member Albums Out Now" and "Member Albums Coming Soon" pages are up and we are excited to bring you such a comprehensive list of album releases by EMG artists.  Still with more to come.  There are so many of us it will take some time before we are all up but this is a solid start on the insane body of work amassed by the EMG as a whole.  No where else can you find this list!  All with links straight to the albums.

At date there are eleven artists listed yielding a mind blowing 50+ albums!  More music than your ears can handle, much of which is FREE!  These artists are in it for the love of the music and want to share their music with YOU.

Keep up on the newest releases with the "Coming Soon" page, check out a universe of great music on the "Out Now" page, and don't forget about our EMG compilation releases on the "EMG Albums" page.  Enjoy!