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July 11, 2013

EMG Radio #21: Invoking the Throat Dragon of Duality, Part 2

On this episode of EMG Radio we conclude the interview with the multi-talented Daniel Maldonado.  This time around we explore his anime infatuation, the themes behind the Thaumiel Sonozaki album 'The Beautiful Abyss', and the future of his many musical endeavors including Thaumiel Sonozaki, Antecantamentum, Invoke the Wake, Dracan Ceolan, and more (yes, there are more!).  Enjoy!

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--------(Show Notes)--------
Host: Randal Silvey (Follow Randal on Twitter @RandalSilvey)
Guest: Daniel Maldonado

Music Featured:
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Find Thaumiel Sonozaki on Facebook and Twitter.

EMG Radio Theme Song - Original Song by autonami, Remix and Additional Production by CTRL_ALT_DSTRY featuring samples of "Circular Logic" by Thaumiel Sonozaki.

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