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June 14, 2013

EMG Radio #20: This Is Not Hypercube

On this episode of EMG Radio we are joined live on YouTube by Space Disc Jockey to talk about his Superproducer Remix Contest.  He talks about the concept behind the contest, whats in store for the winner(s) of the contest, and spins the remixes plus a bonus Onslaught Six track to close out the show.  Enjoy!

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--------(Show Notes)--------
Host: Randal Silvey (Follow Randal on Twitter @RandalSilvey)
Guest: Space Disc Jockey (Follow SDJ on Twitter @SpaceDiscJockey)

The +SpaceDiscJockey Superproducer Remixes by:
Also featuring the track 'Tears In The Rain' by Onslaught Six from the album, First Blood.

Space Disc Jockey also hosts The Hypercube live radio show on YouTube.
The original live stream recording of this episode of YouTube.

EMG Radio Theme Song by autonami.

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