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March 8, 2013

Featured Artist: Subliminal Hit

Louis Kiefer is an America electronic music producer/guitarist currently hailing from Omaha, Nebraska.  Kiefer's music usually falls within the experimental electronic genres be it his involvement as one-third of the collaboration project Three Blind Minds or his solo project Subliminal Hit.  Three Blind Minds incorporates a wide variety of styles including hip-hop, electronica, and dubstep wherein Kiefer shares in the writing, production, and vocal duties with his band mates while his Subliminal Hit project focuses on a more psychedelic ambient sound.

In a recent interview on EMG Radio Kiefer confesses to being an "FX junkie" who has always "just wanted to make noise".  In 2005 he made the jump from grunge-metal guitarist to computer based production and has been working under the Subliminal Hit title churning out a constant flow of his brand of "structured noise".  Many of these recordings were kept away from the public eye until recently when began releasing tracks online.

Kiefer just dropped his official debut album as Subliminal Hit entitled 'Subliminal Deep-Good Times'.  The album is a collection of tracks originally written and produced between 2005 and 2010 all revamped and remastered for this release.  In the EMG Radio interview he went on to further say he wanted to release the older works before moving on to an album of new material as a way to represent the evolution of Subliminal Hit.  in addition to 'Subliminal Deep-Good Times' Kiefer's work can be heard on the Three Blind Minds album releases 'Lost Prophecies' and 'Ghosts In The Collective Vol. I' as well as exclusive, new tracks featured on each of the EMG compilation albums.  All of which are available for free streaming and download.

Take a listen to what Kiefer had to say about the new album as well as his musical past and influences on Episode 17: Subliminal Interview of EMG Radio (which he is also co-hosts regularly).

Listen to the new Subliminal Hit album here or check out the links below:

Music Links:
  • Listen/Download 'Subliminal Deep-Good Times' by Subliminal Hit on Bandcamp and Soundcloud which also has numerous other tracks.
  • Listen/Download 'Lost Prophecies' and 'Ghosts in the Collective Vol. I' by Three Blind Minds on Bandcamp.
  • Listen/Download 'EMG 1.0', 'EMG Presents The Last Halloween', and 'EMG Presents EOTW' free compilation albums featuring exclusive tracks by Subliminal Hit and Three Blind Minds on Bandcamp.
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