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August 30, 2012

EMG Radio #7: Gyno Transmission

This week on EMG Radio we bring you the most diverse episode to date.  Ready your ears for everything from industrial to acoustic folk, black metal to chiptunes, and much more.  We get delirious with a late night recording session debating the expected level of professionalism from us as hosts while simultaneously back sliding into crude, random, nonsensical, offensive trash talk.  As usual, this episode is [NSFW].

--------Show Notes--------

Hosted by: Stephen G., Louie K., and Randal S.
We made another title mistake during this episode and apologize to FEED and Bliss, asking them to forgive OUR ways. Their track is called "Forgive My Ways".  Also, Xuriik prefers to go by Kenral Panic. 

Music Featured:

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