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October 3, 2012

Featured Artist: autonami


autonami is a Mississippi based former hip-hop producer turned house and trance artist with roughly a decade of recording, mixing, and producing under his belt.  The music of autonami melds many styles of electronic music with expert precision focusing primarily on house, deep house, and trance.  The hip-hip and electronic dance influences manifest in huge beats and rhythmic melodies that command the attention of the listener.  From high energy to slow rolling grooves, autonami crafts a deep and wide sound scape of movement and melody displaying first rate level of production and engineering on each track.

We had the pleasure of interviewing James White, aka autonami, for this week's episode of EMG Radio in which he detailed his methods, interests, and music past.  Check out EMG Radio Episode 12: An Autonomous Interview.  autonami also provided us with the awesome EMG Radio theme song that can be heard at the beginning and end of each episode!

For a large array of music by autonami check out autonami and autonami2 on SoundCloud.  He recently released an excellent collection of old and new tracks in album form called concept | mixtape.  Stream and/or download concept | mixtape below via autonami on Bandcamp.


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